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Specially, Gemini will not be comfortable with sensible and perceptive Virgo. The life will run down of delight, synchronization and calmness and they will not be able to understand each other. Virgo Weds Cancer This relation is 1 — 3. This relation will be lifelong, steadfast, reliable and an outstanding male-female relation.

Cancer is expert in tackling sensible and responsive Virgo. Due to this reason this relation will move ahead. Virgo Weds Leo This relation is 1 — 2. This relation is not made for each other one. Your life will be completely tarnished if you decide to get in this relation. Virgo will find it difficult to get along with insensitive and bigheaded Leo. It is better to move away from this relation to conserve the harmony and serenity.

Virgo Weds Virgo This relation is 1 — 1.

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Both of them can move ahead in this relation. Both of them are ruled by mercury. They will be happy physically but not on emotional and psychological front. Both of them are accountable, rational and realistic. This relation is good for getting in a business.

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Life will be without any fascination and will be boring. Virgo Weds Libra This relation is 1 — 2.

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There is not chance that this relation can go together. There will be no pleasure and charm in this relation. Things will not run smoothly and for without any reason life will become bothersome. Only physical enjoyment will be of no use and Virgo learns this soon. Virgo Weds Scorpio This elation is 1 — 3. This relation will be an outstanding one. Both of them will have confidence and faith in each other. Things will run smoothly, and both of you will be lucky for each other. Life will move ahead at a smooth pace overcome short misunderstanding that comes at times.

Virgo Weds Sagittarius This is a square of 1 — 4 relation. This relation is not made for each other.

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Calm, accord and smooth life will go away in case you enter in this relation. Virgo Weds Capricorn This is a trine or 1 — 5 relationship, which is always described as eternal and promising one. The life will be blissful and smooth as there is intense care and good understanding.

This relation is an exceptional one and reliable.

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You can continue in this relation without hiccup. Virgo Weds Aquraius This relation is 1 — 6. You should think ten times before you get in this relation. In case you hesitate it will affect your psychology. No confirmation has been given by shastras in going in this relation. Married life may have dissonance, discomfort, unhappiness and disappointing.

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  • Say no without any hesitation. Virgo Weds Pisces This is a reverse or 1 — 7 relation. There are some indication of when one can get foreign or different culture spouse. Love marriage is major factor for getting different culture spouse.


    If 5th lord sitting in 7th house or 7th house lord sitting in 5th house and if there is parivartana yoga between 5th and 7th house,makes person marry the person they love. This is a strong combination for love marriage. They bring their lover in their life or in legal binding means convert lover into life partner turning love into love marriage. If there is connection between 9th lord to the 5th or 7th house lord or house there lot of chances a person may get different culture or foreigner spouse.

    Because 9th house represents long distance traveling therefore there is lot of chances the person may meet spouse in traveling or in foreign land. If Sagittarius sign fall in 7th house, means 7th house have Sagittarius energy it may also bring some foreign element in life and if Jupiter sitting in 9th house is strong indication of different culture spouse.

    Venus in the 9th house makes person to incline towards different culture and foreign things that person may get foreign partner. Venus is wife in man chart and Jupiter is husband in woman chart or ruler of seventh house lord significator of spouse if these planets in 12th house there is lot chances that a person get spouse in foreign land or of different culture or background.

    Rahu North Node represents foreign things. If Rahu in 7th house or sitting with Venus and Jupiter makes person inclined towards foreign liking, therefore there is lot of chances that person marry different culture person.

    Male Love MArriage Prediction-Indian Astrology

    Rahu sitting with 7th house lord in any house, increase chances for foreign partner. Rahu sitting with saturn in 7th house and if Saturn rule 7th house and sitting in 5th house with Rahu may bring different culture and darker complexion spouse. Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node gives unorthodox marriage if there is any influence of these planet in the seventh house the person get different culture partner or do marriage against family members.

    Any debilitated planet in the seventh house makes person to get different culture and background spouse. In Gemini astrology the planet having lowest longitude in a birth chart is called dara-karaka which represent marriage partner in both men and women chart.